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Wouldn’t it be nice to get something extra without having to do anything extra? Shop, dine & do what you want normally and our sponsors reward you! Plus you can earn extra Bonus Rewards just for shopping at “sponsor stores”. It is easy and it’s fun because you don’t pay more, you just get more! In fact you may even pay less with the frequent members only specials sent directly to you! 

“Bonu$ Rewards” members are everyday people like you that love to be rewarded and especially for purchases they already plan to make! Sign up and become a member today and start to enjoy Bonu$ Rewards right away. 

Plus you can earn extra Bonu$ Rewards, buy what you normally buy & get rewards on the fly! There is no pressure or quotas to consider.

In fact no purchase is necessary, you decide where, when and how much but every sponsor purchase brings you extra value and extra chances to win random prizes. Snap a quick photo of your receipt and submit for chances to win! So easy & so much fun to feel that sponsor love.


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